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You discover a new country but you don't speak the language? The Word Trotter application will be your best travel companion!

Word Trotter, essential for travel

You are in the restaurant, at the doctor or even at the bar counter and you can't be understood? Word Trotter will do it for you.

Visual dictionary

More than 200 photos, to be understood in the 4 corners of the planet and in all languages!

Quick access

Find the word you are looking for quickly thanks to simple and intuitive categories!


Tested and approved by all travelers. And you, when will your next trip be?


Word Trotter offers more than just a list of photos ...

Offline mode

Use the application wherever you are. Even in the middle of the Sahara or at the top of Everest.

"Destinations" Packs

Many packs are available per destination to make the most of your trip.

Download Word Trotter

Application available on iOS and Android, and on smartphone and tablet



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